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Bring on the season of camping, nature and tent sex

TANYA ENBERG, Chic Savvy Travels TANYA ENBERG, Chic Savvy Travels

It does seem like a fantastically thrilling idea. There you are, surrounded by lush nature and the sweet sounds of sing-songy birds and really, aside from pitching the tent and undertaking the sometimes challenging task of getting the fire pit hot enough to cook a few burgers on, you don’t have anywhere you have to be and nothing you have to do.
So there it is. The tent. Just big enough to sleep in and store a couple of bags, unless you’ve invested in the house-size tent, which is another style of camping altogether.

You’ve got time off work … alone time. And you know what that means, right? But, sex in a tent — is it really such a good idea?

I once interviewed a woman about this very topic who, more than comfy mattresses and sheets with high-thread counts, loved intimacy in the closed-in sleeping bag quarters of a tent. There are, of course, pros and cons to this undertaking.

On the plus side, you have the aforementioned natural setting, a rather pleasant backdrop that can certainly help any couple (even typically non-amorous ones) switch into high gear and rediscover their animal instincts. Then there are the long days that just seem to roll along without hurry. Seriously, the biggest must-do items on your list likely involve washing up a few dirty dishes and going for a dip in the lake to cool off. It might just be perfect for some loving, non?

Oh, but wait. There is certainly a rather deep pool of cons to contest with here. Let’s go through them, shall we?

• You’ve got a small space. The kind of small space that makes a backyard in the city look sprawling. In other words, it’s tough to move around, which is kind of a necessity.

• Sure, wildlife and trees are in abundance, but if you’re at a public campground, so are human neighbours. So unless you’re adept in the art of having very, very quiet sex, Tom, his wife Jane and their two kids Billy and Sally are likely to hear the occasional curious sound spilling out from the tent.

• Tents get hot. In the morning they can be suffocating so, if you are going to stretch your hormonal hankerings, it’s best done after sundown … unless, of course, morning-breath sex with sleeping bag body sweat somehow turns you on. Best time is when the stars come out and the fire is blazing.

• During the heat wave of summer, it will be hard to air out your tent. Hope for a nice, gentle breeze should you partake in a little getaway action.

All that being said, there’s just something hot about intimacy in the great outdoors, away from daily domesticated living. There is a freedom there. A sense of feeling connected. After all, that’s what draws us to sleeping on the ground in the first place. So, is sex in a tent worth suffering through all the drawbacks?

Absolutely. Just be smart and make it quick (unless of course it’s raining out, in which case you may as well snuggle up inside and enjoy).

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Date Added: June 15, 2013 | Comments (2)



1. Make sure you have a good air mattress … if you just have foam padding under the sleeping bags the ground will get really hard really fast and your romp in the tent will leave you cramped and sore for days.

2. The biggest drawback is that sex can be messy. Your sleeping bag or blankets will get wet with various different fluids and liquids. And that’s tough to clean up in the middle of the campground in the middle of the night! So make sure you have lots of tissues, towels and rags.

3. I agree that at a public campground you’ve got to be quiet. If you’re a screamer like me you’ll want to ensure that you’ve got no neighbors … otherwise you’ll be answering to angry parents in the morning!!!

4. It’s always better to do it under the stars on a warm breezy night.

Comment by Erin — June 22, 2011 @ 5:24 pm

Ha!!! I am literally LOL right now! Thanks for the tips, Erin!

Comment by TANYA ENBERG, Chic Savvy Travels — June 29, 2011 @ 12:25 pm

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