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Travel books? Check. Maps? Got 'em. Passports? You bet. Laptop, cellphone and, err, high heel shoes? Sure, toss in the pumps! After all, this is a Backpacker's Guide for Grown-ups and sometimes grown-up gals need a pair of killer heels, right? Tanya & Vawn talk shop at Global Village Backpackers Hostel at King & Spadina in Toronto. Photo by Paul Teolis

Think the backpacking years are behind you? Think again!

If you’re all grown up and not ready to hang up those adventurous backpacking travels, this is the place for you.

Meet us. We are Tanya Enberg and Vawn Himmelsbach — two travel-savvy dames always on the hunt for new adventures … and while comfy hotel stays are simply delightful, we’re just as likely to strap on our backpacks for some hardcore explorations.

We are Toronto-based journalists (ahem, travel junkies) who met while covering a story and instantly bonded over a mutual love of all things travel.

We are a well-traveled pair, always combing the planet for fresh views, experiences and challenges … and we’ve had many.

We won’t sugar coat it — there have been some harrowing moments and we’re gonna give you the grime, grit and fun of it all.

From sleeping in a rusty $250 van on a cross-Canada/U.S. road trip, trekking in the Himalayas, backpacking through Europe, getting bursts of adrenaline in New Zealand to living like a local in West Africa, we’ve seen a lot of this great big world, clocked a ton of miles and can’t wait to soak up more.

Come explore with us!
Tanya & Vawn

Photo by Paul Teolis @ fieldandscreen.com
Illustrations by Kim Dolan @



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